So I was sitting and thinking SHOULD I BLOG OR NOT? Then another question that came to me was, WHAT SHOULD I NAME MY BLOG? Not very much later it dawned on me that I should name my blog Style-Lee.  Why Style-Lee? Well, here goes….this is very amusing and still amuses me even today. It was a play name given to me by some childhood friends whenever we’re dressed, walking to some function, be it church service, a concert, school and such.  They would say, why are you so style-lee? They were referencing the way I walk and my style of dressing.  My fashion sense somehow caught their attention but in essence its what identifies me. I’ve always been fashion conscious, had an eye for detail and just have this love for clothes, shoes and handbags.  I am no Fashion Expert and knew nothing regarding blogging but the idea intrigued me as I find myself investing countless hours milling through fashion blogs. It’s so exciting to have an outlet to be creative and to do what makes you happy.

It didn’t take me long to decide….and what better time to start but for the NEW YEAR, ITS 2015.  A New Year means a fresh start to break out of your comfort zone and try something new – which is exactly what I want to do….and fashion is no exception.  I want to showcase my style, my enthusiasm for all things fashionable, all things elegant which drives me to answer my own question, should I blog? a fashion blog? and the answer is a big YES!!


32 thoughts on “TO BLOG OR NOT TO BLOG

  1. Very well said my girl, I always thought you were style-lee too, even when we had to wear that orange and white uniform…haha…I enjoyed reading every word and I know whatever you set out to do is gonna be something positive. Keep inspiration others…


  2. Awesome, why not Blog about something you love to do.. You embody style and fashion. I know God will continue to bless you so you in turn can continue to bless others..


  3. I support you 1000% you have the capability and I know whatever you put your mind to ,with god first all things are possible. Can’t wait for some tips 🙂

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  4. Good luck, Keke! If you need any friendly advice, I am just “an arm” away from you. Literally. Oh, btw, I’ve just discovered something new about you – Style-Lee… Sounds mesmerizing!


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