Today, the first Monday of the year, 2015….yes 2015!!  So the holidays are over, I had lots of family time, shopping, food and presents, its basically back to regularly scheduled programming.  The weather was brutal [FREEZING] throughout the day, some would say its about time for some winter weather as we’ve been recently having some spring like weather here in New York.  The gusty wind really made it unbearably chilly, you can say we’re now in the DEEP FREEZE!

If you’re following me on Instagram, you’ll see when I debut this stylish, warm and cozy coat.  It was a fab-find at Marshalls.  They really do have a vast amount of cute essentials.  It was on sale, marked down to “my kind” of price.  I was thankful especially that I was shopping on a budget.  It’s that feeling you get when you pay much less for a piece you’ve been wanting and its in your size…am sure you guys can relate.  Proud holiday shopping moment.


xoxo   Keishaw




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