My search is over. I have tried many brands, different colors, from opaque to transparent
to solid.  I’ve had the frosted, glittered, glossy, metallic, every finish you can think of but
somehow, this important aspect came up lacking, moisture, hydration.  I have this bad
habit of always smacking my lips together, then whatever lip gloss am wearing at the time
would just disappear.  Thinking about it, maybe because there’s no moisture so am trying to
create some by smacking my lips.  Ok, back to what I was saying.  I cannot afford to buy
products that does not meet my expectation.  For me, moisturization is key [ sunscreen also]
but as of now its moisture, moisture, moisture, that need haven’t been met in “A WHILE”.
It’s like nothing ever works!!!! Well my search is over, I found it, NARS Belize Lip Gloss.

Hello Belize, you saved my life…lol.  Sometimes, I have a really hard time finding lip colors
that works for me, its either too dark or too light.  So when I found this pretty pink, natural…


looking lip gloss, my $$ did a somersault in my wallet.  Normally, I would sleep a night or so deliberating over if I should make a purchase or not.  At times I would even dream, wake up
the next day and race to the store but with this lip gloss, I was SOLD, no hesitating.


This works really well for me, it has this soft, pale pink that anyone of any skin color could
wear. It goes on smooth [love the applicator], not sticky and has a good staying power.
It applies very sheer, not buildable, has a little sparkly gold glitter and it works for me.
Some damage was done to my pocket, $26 worth.  Ok, I can hear you guys saying,
what? $26??? I know, its pricey BUT, a little goes a long way, no regrets here at all.

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2 thoughts on “LIP LACQUER

  1. Hi Keishaw, you got me intrigued with NARS lipgloss. I want to share what I use and wondering if you have tried it? It’s MAC Creemsheen Glass (color is “Partial To Pink), i’m not a fan of MAC cosmetics, but I found this amazing non-sticky lipgloss that I’ve been buying for the past 4 years…
    here’s link or you can just google it 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, just checked out the page. It’s perfectly close to the NARS lipgloss but I do not own any lipgloss from MAC, only lipsticks. Will definitely check it out next time I visit my local MAC counter. I love to try in store.

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