Writers and authors have a great influence and a hand in the fashion world.
When Burberry showed their  Menswear/Womenswear Spring/Summer 2015 collection
it was dedicated to author Bruce Chatwin. The womenswear collection “Birds And The Bees”
includes bright book painted Trench Coats,
Moldiv_1422605321897glossy shell leather outerwear, iconic Burberry Check bags….Moldiv_1422608183770Moldiv_1422605519633Moldiv_1422608204653Moldiv_1422605563032
Moldiv_1422605659348Moldiv_1422608183770Burberry Field Sneakers and Sandals, I clearly
envision this Spring to be a bright one.

Similarly, In the menswear collection,
[ I had to feature these men ]
Keep scrolling, you’ll see why.  These star-studded models
were: lets just say “easy on the eyes”.

Moldiv_1422605890309The menswear was played out in the form of suede bucket hats [Pharrell look-
a-like]…lol, leatherbound notebooks and bags scrawled with hand painted
typography, graphic hand painted prints and pop-coloured trainers.
Moldiv_1422605701335Moldiv_1422605955702Moldiv_1422605928843It was the perfect presage to the glitz and pomp of Burberry.
Writing is a form of art and so is fashion. Here’s to writing
and fashion, connecting on a much deeper level than we expect.