When heading out to get my Saturday chores accomplish, moving swiftly is paramount. I usually intended on getting things done very quickly in less amount of time.  Having my hands free contributes to me being swift to a certain extent, so that’s where my backpack comes in.  I throw in my wallet, necessary beauty essentials then am out the door.  I snag this backpack some weeks ago on the impulse.  Didn’t plan on buying it then but was an item I had on my wishlist, so why not?  A similar one can be found HERE in black and also red [sunset/vachetta].  I even got another version in green, perfect color for spring/summer.  A backpack is a super, great alternative to carrying around a pocketbook, having doing it all week.  It exudes this effortless sense of style, adding an ultra hip and chic feel.

Below are some of my favorite Backpacks: $29 $32

20150131_211233Saks Fifth Avenue $67 $38 $34 $220 $65 $37 $270 $42




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