With the temperatures dipping at 2 degrees in NYC this morning, I begged for Spring’s arrival.
The windchill made the bitter blast feel even worse.  I didn’t deliberately venture outside, my
obligations left me no choice, I wished I had the option of staying indoors all bundled up.
As if the cold weather wasn’t annoying enough, the turnstiles at the subway station were
clearly malfunctioning, denying entrance as my metro card would not swipe even after
several attempts.  I was among many disgruntled straphangers in a crowded train station,
all having difficulty swiping their metro cards.  This was compounded with the hustling
and bustling, people scampering to get to their destinations, it was rush hour [NYC rush hour].
I began thinking if I should just turn around, blame the rigid cold weather and cancel all
of today’s plan when the screen on the turnstile lit up green saying “go” after making
another swipe.  I pushed my way through hurriedly, escaping the condemnation from
impatient straphangers waiting to swipe and muttering inaudibly.  I totally understood
their frustration but who has time for the blame game?  I was jolted back to reality with
this numbing feeling in my fingers, how cold it was, and how long I was standing there
freezing and swiping unsuccessfully.

Today was extremely too cold for this unexpected inconvenience and varying temperament.
Nevertheless, I turned that situation around, having a more positive outlook, and I must
say it was an eventful day.  I cheered myself up by taking some snapshots.  I had this
sweatpants folded in my closet for the longest while and thought today’s brutal weather
summons its debut. The purpose of this outfit choice [sweatpants with cute coat]
is meant for warmth and comfort, yet being stylish.

Tweed Coat – Via Spiga |  Sweatpants – Gap  |  Scarf – Marshalls
Leather Gloves – Old  | Head Wrap |  Handbag – Marshalls  |  Boots – Gap




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