Easter by far, is the most important Christian religious Holiday where Christ resurrection
is celebrated on Easter Sunday and Good Friday marks the day Jesus was crucified.  It’s a highly commercialized holiday but in my tradition we celebrate by going to Church,
and enjoy some delicious cross-buns and other mouth-watering dishes among friends
and family.  So I just want to  take this time out to wish everyone a blessed Easter and have a great week!




12 thoughts on “FESTIVE EASTER LOOK

  1. In our tradition we also celebrate by going to church. And on Easter Sunday is the great easter egg hunt (Ostereiersuche?). But at the moment it is so cold outside that our Easter Bunny decided to hide the eggs in the living room. I hope we found them all 😉 Your look is great! The sandals and the skirt – perfect! Happy Easter!

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    1. Oh am so sorry about the eggs being hidden in the living room…..haha…happyy hunting. Thanks for the compliment and I hope that your Easter is great, sending you some sun from New York.


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