So what other perfect way to enjoy a taste of Spring than on this day, 
Resurrection Sunday, perfect weather for what the day signifies.  Spring
makes me feel refreshed and sooo alive.  The weather today was like a breath
of fresh air and I felt like a butterfly released from its cocoon, so like a

butterfly I spread my wings enjoying this splendid City, this God-Given City 
created for us to enjoy.  I just love nature, the sunshine, the air we breath, 
 the smell of flowers, everything around us screams God.  After finishing my
delicious Easter dinner, I head out wanting to capture what was left
 of the sunshine.  I incorporated bright hues in my outfits for today
as a reflection of Christ who’s risen, yes he is risen and he lives.  He shines
all around us, so take some time, pause, listen, pray and know that he is
always there.  I hope that your Resurrection Sunday was as memorable as
mine was and am wishing you guys lots and lots of blessings as we go into
another week.  Here’s some snapshots from my outside adventure.

Peace & Love



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