So besides the Easter Celebrations on the weekend, I manage to complete something I started couple weeks ago, Spring cleaning.  I came across, lets just say too many items
that I no longer wear or have hardly worn.  Some I donated and some, thanks to one of
my fellow fashion bloggers who put me on to this company where I can sell my gentle 
worn clothing. I packed a bag and hop on the Williamsburg bound L Train.  For my 
Brooklynite friends you can see more info HERE if you would like to get rid of some clothes that are still in good condition while at the same time making some money.

Besides the shops that had so many interesting and intriguing items and the vibrant
Williamsburg street life, what fascinates me the most was the street art. That particular 
location had numerous street art at almost every corner and the length of the block.  It 
wasn’t new to me but it was just the fact that there were so many at once that I couldn’t 
help but capture the artistic expressions.  I also got the experience of seeing it done live and took a quick pic of some guys in the process.  Oh and speaking of art, seen in one of the pics below is Jean-Michael Basquiat, who’s Unknown Notebooks are currently on 
exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum.  He was born in Brooklyn, an artist and 
well-known graffiti prodigy, pursuing his art in public spaces.  My day turned out  
to be surprisingly interesting, so much so that I was caught up in a Brooklyn state of mind.



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