You’re Doing It Wrong: Applying Sunscreen

Very informative tips on sunscreen application.


Getty Images / Jamie Grill Getty Images / Jamie Grill

Now that we are of the age when out mothers don’t chase us around the pool, slapping goopy sunscreen all over our bodies as we wriggle away, it’s up to us to ward off cancerous UV rays by our own means. That said, it’s not like you can apply sunscreen like you would body lotion, willy-nilly and be done with it. The only way to really be protected is to actually cover all your exposed skin. Some small unassuming areas are probably being missed, making them a perfect landing ground for UVA/UVB damage. Here are some key sunscreen mistakes you may be making.

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Know how it works. SPF stands for “sun protection factor,” to the relative surprise of no one. What the numbers mean to you, individually, requires a bit of multiplication and personal know-how. Basically, think…

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