Hi All,
In my last post I mentioned that I love bright colors such as yellow, green, pink and so on
so today was just the perfect day to highlight and pop some colors.  Whenever the weather
is nice, and when I say nice am talking about lovely sunshine, cool breeze and clear blue sky. Am I the only one
where beautiful weather awakes an excitement inside it makes you so cheerful and bright? Its so uncontrollable
I just have to obliged by stepping out chasing the sun until it goes down.  Yes it was hot so my choice of outfit was
this blue tank top and flats to match. The bright green pants expresses my mood perfectly, (emphasis on bright )
was such a beautiful day in NYC so here I am just dropping by to spread some sunshine
and love.  Here’s some photos I took right before taking some shade, sat back and
relax, enjoyed a really cold drink, after all it was hot out here.
PSX_20150613_202438PSX_20150613_201836PSX_20150613_202009 PSX_20150613_202300PSX_20150613_202404PSX_20150613_202716PSX_20150613_202815PSX_20150613_202637PSX_20150613_202551

Tank Top: Express  // High-Rise Jegging: American Eagle // Flats: Shoemint //
Belt: Betsy Johnson // Clutch: Emperia


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