Today marks the first day of Summer and it came with a bang, heavy splattering
showers shines like silver on the pavement which for one minute did not alter
my plans to leave the house.  I was determined to go out and enjoy this 80 degrees
weather, rain or shine.  Summer is such a short season so I waste no time in
beginning the enjoyment.
So with that said, what do you guys have planned for the summer?  I am
eagerly awaiting my one week’s vacation.  My plans are still in progress as to
the activities am trying to cram and get done, all in one week, wish me luck.
The theme of my outfit for today was ventilation.  Due to the heat, being
properly ventilated was of utmost importance.  The sleeveless acid wash vest
was perfect with the tank top and the ventilation theme continues down to
the bottom with these ripped/distressed skinny jeans.  The look was completed
with a fun backpack, a heel slide and must I say how very comfortable these
were, even while walking.  The heels add some elegance to the somewhat “cool”
look. To top it off, I accessorize with some jewelry, my favorite J-Crew necklace
being one of them.
So just like that, its officially summer guys, go out and enjoy!
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Vest: Marshalls  // Tank Top: Express // Slides: Calvin Klein //
Skinny Pants: Tinseltown // Necklace: J-Crew  // Backpack: Ralph Lauren



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