Every year I would wait last minute to do back to school shopping, to which some
of you who are parents can definitely relate. Well let me say I paid for procrastinating
as my biggest pitfall was having to deal with picked over inventory.  I dismissed my
disgust and went right into “I’ll do this another time” mode.  The truth of the matter
is, well that’s what I told myself, that, students do not need all of the supplies on day
one or week number one, so with that I placed the remainder of the school shopping and
all my other chores that day on hold.  I was in dire need of just lounging about my place
and relaxing as I was fresh off of vacation.  Anyway, today was the day to finish my chores,
I was well rested, the weather was great, it was a perfect Saturday.  I did a very
comfortable Summer look with this light floral print pants that I found at Marshalls,
a white tank top, my fringe bag, add a sandal and voila….I created a simple
yet stylish look.   So as soon as my chores were done, I took a stroll in the
neighborhood for some sightseeing and oh boy!!!! were there sights to see,
kids and adults rollerblading to the latest hip-hop songs,  splish-splashing
at the pop-up pool, birthday parties on the grass while the water lovers
grab their paddles to go kayaking on the river.  I was fine with just sitting on
the benches in the shade while taking pictures intermittently…..lol.  So
how are you guys enjoying what is left of Summer? Whatever you do
I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend.
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13 thoughts on “DUTY CALLS

  1. Indeed, it looks like a perfect chill out day just enjoy life; enjoy ‘being’ from these photos I see here!
    Life is how we create it, finding a moment to indulge in what’s around us is a form of art, and you, Keishaw, had just achieved that!

    Love your sandals and that fringed satchel, you look like you are on vacation! Enjoy the summer before autumn takes it away…

    Vivienne X

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    1. Certainly Viva, it was, I do not take anything around me for granted, I try to find the beauty in everything. Am a sucker for magnificent sceneries, catch me everytime. Am glad you like the outfit and am definitely enjoying whats left of summer 🙂

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