Everyone knows crochet looks fantastic, whether you’re running errands or meeting
friends for dinner, the surprisingly versatile fabric can infuse any outfit with a
carefree summer vibe.  Back in the islands I did some crocheting, never really liked
the gig…lol but did it anyway to please my Mom, we sure made some lovely doilies.
Fashion designers have since incorporated this fabulous fabric into their contemporary
collections.  One aspect about crocheting that I do love is the feeling of the yarn and
the rhythmic motions.  I have seen beautiful pieces including scarfs, hats and other
clothing made from that easy, breezy, breathable yarn, there’s no question why
crochet is a go-to during the blazing hot months.

This crochet top gives a level of softness and femininity that is absolutely comfortable.
I love the V-Neck cut in the front as well as in the back.  I kept it casual pairing
it with this scalloped hem orange shorts then adding a single strap high heel sandal
balancing the feminine and casual look.  Also, a statement sunglasses and structured
bag add some sophistication to the style.

Crochet are not just for bohemian and retro style, so feel free to style your crochet
pieces to whatever vibe you want to show off.  Style them to any looks, so long as you
feel fresh, modern and cool while enjoying the last days of the hot Summer Season.

Have a great week guys!



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