So today was my birthday and seeing that it fell on a Sunday I did most of the
celebration Saturday night so I would spend my Sunday being in a more relaxed
environment.  I did a 3-hr Cruise where I ate, enjoy some scenic views and
dance the night away.  Then on Sunday I went to brunch, and whatever
they whipped up to make that rum and raisin waffles was mightily
delicious that I was so close to placing a second order.  For the Cruise I wore
a graphic body-con dress style with a suede grey and black heel and for Brunch I wore
a button down Gap shirt with a flared wide-leg pants made of sheer fabric.
So let me make this short, I had the best birthday ever and am so glad to be
on the land of living.  Here are some snapshots I took while on my way to brunch
and I slipped in just one pic of myself on the Cruise.  Take a look below
PSX_20150913_222212PSX_20150913_222325 (1)
IMG_24431 (1)





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