This would be my third jumpsuit so far that I’ve added to my wardrobe
and they’re quickly becoming one of my more comfortable and versatile
piece of clothing.  I’ts a flexible type of style that can make you look good
and gorgeous.  If you are wondering what shoes to wear with jumpsuits,
then my answer would be everything depending on the style of the
PSX_20151016_164328For this outfit I choose these heels for an evening look and adding a black
zippered blazer as its a cool fall evening.  I will risk a tiny assumption: not
everyone digs the Si-Fi suit; jumpsuits is a one-piece and if you find the right
one for your body type you can totally rock it too.  This jumpsuit am wearing
is perfect for fall as its made from a comfy cotton material.  Jumpsuits comes
in a variety of styles, not only classic elegant and evening jumpsuits but
traditional denim, cotton and shiny for both formal and casual occasions.
I am loving this trend and is taking it all into the fall season.

Enjoy the rest of your week guys!

Outfit Details:
Jumpsuit: Andrea Jovine
Blazer: Philosophy – Republic Clothing
Heels: Ralph Lauren

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  1. That’s the perfect jumpsuit. It’s knit and hugs the body just right. Pant legs are somewhat jogger-esque, ever so flattering. And the colour? Works beautifully all year round 🙂

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