Every Sunday night while preparing for the week ahead, part of that preparation includes
organizing my pocketbook.  I usually change my pocketbook often times a week
depending on my outfit, consequently I then have to transfer the contents from
one bag to the one of choice.  Am sure you guys can!  What caught my
attention was the amount of stuff I lug around on a daily basis and that is made
possible by having a very ROOMY bag.  When purchasing my pocketbooks,
I always ensure that there’s plenty of zips, pockets, and extra compartments.
Basically, my bags must be roomy as there are things I NEVER leave the house


From my make-up bag carrying chap stick, sample size perfumes, lip-gloss, lipstick,
and mirror ( a must have).  Tuck away in my wallet are old receipts, I also can’t forget
my hand cream, water bottle, mini-notebook, pen, a fruit, glasses [second pair of eyes],
sunnies, earphone, my “abused” cellphone….lol and my keys.  Oh and not pictured is my
umbrella that’s ALWAYS in my bag and my bible ( app on my phone).

20150302_002844Tutilo Veritas Square Tote –


So what do you guys ALWAYS carry in your bag that you never left home without?

Have a great week guys



23 thoughts on “ROOMY BAGS

    1. Haha…don’t think you’re ashamed as I am, its like ridiculous. Sometimes I misplaced stuff and become so hysterical just to find it in the bottom of my bag. I still love a big bag….lol!

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  1. I often change my bag in the morning and there is no time to fill in so many things – the purse, my sunglasses, the make up bag, the cellphone and my keys the rest is in each bag. And one important rule – no food! I think you know why 😉 Greetings from Silvi’

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    1. Hahaha….Silvi heyyy!!! is that one important rule for you or me? cause I have to take food around, its well package though, no spilling I promise. Oh and good strategy to change bag in the morning, BUT with all the stuff I have to carry, am afraid I might forget something while rushing out the door on mornings, so night works for me.

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