Across the globe for this season’s Fashion Week, girls slinked down the runways in
printed dresses, fringed trims, paisley florals and classic silhouettes. These looks
reminded me of a punky ’70s vibe, the Bohemian appearances took over
the Spring 2015 runways having a very big impact.
As a matter of fact, its one pointer to up your game come Spring.
So in light of the 40 degrees weather we had today, I decided to celebrate,
sporting a bohemian hippie chic look with this dress that I revived, bringing
it to the forefront of my wardrobe after just abandoning it for years.

What I love about this dress is that it has this exotic flair, I looove that the
sleeves has these gold embellishment which can also be seen in the bust area
and the hem.  I completed the outfit adding jewelry, a fringe bag, chunky heel
booties, knee-high socks and a coatigan { sounds funny right….hahah), half coat,
half cardigan.  So anyway, the “new boho look” is here,so its time to disregard
all previous notions about bohemian chic styles, its an evolution we can all
embrace come the warmer weather.  This look is very much wearable, pretty,
romantic and feminine.  Would you be in on the Bohemian Look?


Fringe Bag: Marshalls |  Coatigan: Jessica Simpson
Chunky heel Booties: Nordstrom Rack | Dress: old  |  Sock: Beauty Supply Store



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